What is a Digital Audit and the role it plays in Digital Strategy

A Digital Audit is the collection and analysis of data concerning your website’s performance. It can help you identify what you’re doing well (and not so well), enabling you to improve your site’s performance both on site and off site. A digital audit is an invaluable tool for any strategically minded business person, helping you identify opportunities that will hopefully give you a leg up in the fiercely competitive digital sphere. It’s also an essential first step in any digital strategy campaign.

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How Does It Work?

Using third party tools as well as tried and tested KPI’s a strategist will gather data about your site and it’s performance. This can include traffic numbers and sources, key search terms, backlinks, site errors and many other metrics. Collecting all of this information together in one place gives you an amazing snapshot of your website’s effectiveness and authority.

Most (if not all) businesses who are investing in digital strategy are trying to improve where they rank in search results with the aim of attracting new clients or customers. Performing a digital audit on your website gives you a massive advantage, as it helps you determine the areas that you can work on to achieve this.

A great first step is identifying exactly what you want to rank for, and then optimising the content on your site to reflect this. Search engines determine what your site is about by scanning the information it contains (we’ve all heard of the Google bots). This means that if you want to rank for ‘hair salon Sydney’, those words need to be contained within your site. Preferably more than once, and in positions of importance. This is only one simple and well known metric from hundreds we consider. The optimisation process is an ongoing activity – there are always new ways to incorporate your key search terms, and these will also shift over time to reflect your business’ current focus.

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If you have a lot of traffic coming to your site but aren’t getting any inquiries, there are two main things that you could be doing wrong:

1. The people coming to your site aren’t finding what they’re looking for which means that your site has come up in a search which is irrelevant to your business. Perhaps your hair salon is ranking really well for hair extensions, but you’re no longer providing that service. Someone looking for hair extensions will come to your site, see you don’t do that any more and click away immediately.

2. Your site isn’t user friendly. We refer to this as UX or the user experience. If your site is hard to navigate, the user will give up and find a site which is easy to use.

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Identifying if the design and user experience of your site is hindering your conversion is vital. If a user can’t find your phone number easily, they’ll call another hair salon who’s number is immediately accessible. And it’s not just design considerations which effect conversion, general technical performance is also a major factor.

Studies have shown that 47% of users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and 75% of people would not return to an ecommerce site that took longer than 4 seconds to load. Those are pretty big numbers, so it’s safe to say that if your site is taking longer than 2 seconds to load you should get that looked at.

Why Should You Care?

A digital audit is the first step to online success. And being successful online is now more important than ever. By looking at each metric individually from onsite metrics and a content audit through to off site traffic sources and backlinks, and then all of them as a whole you can identify opportunities for leverage and improvement. This in turn leads to digital strategies that improve traffic quantity and quality, which when combined with your fully optimised site result in increased conversions.

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Where to From Here?

If this all sounds great, but you’re a little lost about where to start then let us help. We’d love to hear all about your business and make a plan with you about how to improve your online presence. Call one of our digital strategists in Sydney on +61 2 9519 9922, email or fill out the form below.

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