There’s a new kid on the block in Enmore. Say hello to Wheelhaus, the latest addition to Enmore road. Wheelhaus is a boutique bike shop and workshop that specialises in German road bikes and slick cycling apparel (some of which is created by the owner), so slick you’d want to take up the sport just to have the chance to wear some of this gear. If cycling is not your thing (it really should be) but you have a keen cyclist in your life definitely point them in Wheelhaus’ direction. The gang at Wheelhaus take their cycling seriously and stock some pretty nice equipment to keep your two wheeled companion in tip-top condition. Despite the seriousness of the bikes, this beautifully kitted out shop wants you to feel like their business is a place where you can hang out. Run by a team of two Gregs, Wheelhaus keeps an espresso machine and a fridge full of Young Henry’s beers, ready to keep you quenched whist chatting bikes. We love that this business is entering out there with such a sunny and community minded disposition who has plenty of time and love for their customers. We’re so happy they’re in our neck of the woods.


Got a bike that needs fixing, or in the mood to purchase a shiny new one? Head to the Wheelhaus website for more information (at the moment the site is still being built so keep checking back). In the meantime head to the Wheelhaus Facebook page for more information and to see what’s going on in-store. They’re also on Instagram, which is handy if your hobby is looking at bikes.


by Jaime MacMillan

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