Why Content Marketing Is Such a Huge Part of What We Do

Content marketing is fast-becoming the bread and butter of strategy that digital agencies take to help improve the visibility of their clients. While many have their roots in design and UX the ever-blooming digital landscape is making it harder for brands to cut through the clutter.

Design is problem solving, and as a digital agency with a background in design, we’re able to apply these same design principles to developing rich, valuable content. As important as a beautifully designed website is to a brand’s identity, it is now equally important to give that website a distinct voice; and that is achieved through content marketing.


Changes in the digital landscape have meant a shift in the way we approach our online presence and those of the campaigns we work on.

For those who are asking what is content marketing, it can be summarised as the creation and curation of rich, meaningful, and relevant digital content for your brand with the intention of attracting a specifically defined audience. The goal is to convert this engagement into profitable results.

The ideology behind content marketing is that an audience who is informed, entertained, or otherwise enriched by your digital output, will reward you with custom and loyalty. The problem is that more and more brands are becoming aware of the power that content has – meaning that the online landscape has become over saturated.

This is why there is a precedence for digital agencies who have the ability to create rich, meaningful content that is tailored specially for a brand’s audience, meaning that the right kind of people will find their way to your website, exponentially increasing the chance for conversion. This in itself is a modern art form.

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Associations like the Content Marketing Institute have made their mission to advance the worldwide practice of content marketing. They do this by providing a comprehensive resource for content marketing professionals including forums, guides and an exclusive directory of certified content marketing practitioners around the world – one that If You Build It are proud to have become a part of.

With such a heavy flow of content being created and stored on the web each day it is no longer enough to just create material. The nature of the modern digital world is that it’s ever-changing. Digital agencies need to be a Swiss Army knife – able to adapt and react to changes in the landscape.

More and more that landscape is shifting towards being content-centric meaning that agencies need to develop ways to drive traffic away from competitors and towards their clients who are creating similar content. This approach requires stringent and well thought-out creative content marketing – “compelling, multi-channeled storytelling” as the folk at Content Marketing Institute call it.

As the digital world moves forward, with it comes innovation and change. Digital marketing is a completely different beast to what it was a decade ago – even a year ago – and it doesn’t look to be slowing down.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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