Willoughby Sculpture Prize 2013 Catalogue

Willoughby City Council is very active in the arts sector. They run three public art spaces (Incinerator Art Space, Art Space on The Concourse and Foyer Exhibition Space) as well as two artist studios and are dedicated to integrating art into the councils public spaces.

To compliment these commitments, they also put on the biennial Willoughby Sculpture Prize which sees the suburbs of Willoughby and Chatswood littered with beautiful art pieces for three weeks.

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The Willoughby Sculpture Prize catalogue is a beautiful display of information, easily understood and showcases the works to their fullest potential.

The aim of the Willoughby Sculpture Prize is to promote contemporary sculpture and installation to a broad audience. The general public doesn’t get a chance to see much large sculpture and they jump at the opportunity – the exhibition is always very popular, with people coming from all over Sydney to view the pieces.

The Prize attracts a variety of high quality sculptures across a range of mediums. If You Build It was asked to brand the 2013 event and provide advertising and support material across the board.

A major exhibition like this needs it’s own branding in order to stand out and attract attention. The art world is highly competitive so you need to do something special to get noticed.

graphic design sydney
We took the exhibition’s existing identity and gave it a re-fresh, keeping the well known text based logo and putting a new spin on it. We wanted people to be able to look at the logo graphic and know that it was a sculpture show, so we introduced an element of dimension.

This visual then became the face of the exhibition, being used as the main graphic element in all promotional and advertising material. Advertisements were run in a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites.

A major element of this support material was the catalogue. It was to be not only the guide for people attending, but also the official documentation of the event. The catalogue needed to be a beautiful display of information, easily understood and to showcase the works to their fullest potential. To this end, Willoughby Council decided to alter the format from previous years where three artists were displayed on one page, to each artist having a page of their own.

graphic design sydney
We gave Willoughby an understated 60 page catalogue which allows the pieces to shine. The running highlights of blue throughout continue and compliment the new event branding without overwhelming the information. Each piece is displayed proudly on it’s own page, allowing attendees to identify and remember specific pieces with ease.

It is beautiful, subtle and upholds the high standards of the Willoughby Sculpture Prize. A publication which an artist can be proud to hold a place in and which attendees will keep.

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