When you’ve got the community in mind things are just that bit better and nicer. Like a wooly jumper. Work-Shop is like a lovely wooly jumper. Based in Chippendale, this multi-purpose space provides affordable courses in all sorts of subjects suited to everyone in the community as a way to gain some new life skills. We like that. Whether you want to enhance your creativity to help you professionally or just to learn something new, Work-Shop is there to help people realise their own potential and maybe even enable them to change the way they live their life. They run courses in tea appreciation, 3D crochet, street art and even how to flirt. If you fancy yourself as more of a teacher rather than student and have some awesome skills you’d like to pass on, there are always opportunities for people to run their own courses. This clever space is also available for community groups to run meetings and as exhibition space for artists. You got to love a business that truly wants to embed and dedicate itself to the community.

Work Shop

Keen to learn a new skill? Get onto the Work-Shop website to view their calendar and see what courses are coming up. It’s worth liking them on Facebook as it’s updated regularly on information on courses. If you follow them on Instagram you’ll get to see lots of pictures of the courses themselves which gives you a good idea what to expect if you attend.


by Jaime MacMillan

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