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Most of us have been to a yoga class or two here at If You Build It. Maybe all of us. We’re pretty sure all of Sydney has been to a yoga class at some point, and maybe even tried yoga’s crazy younger sister with the IT girl status, pilates. Yoga is a great way to stretch your body and give your muscles a workout, but it also helps you relax your mind and let go of anxiety.

We all know the old stereotype of the super zen, chilled out yogi. Could anything bad ever come of being defined as a yogi? I think not. As sporadic yogis, we loved doing this branding package for Yoga You, placing yoga as not only a form of relaxation, but also a great way to inject some energy into your life.

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We loved doing this branding package for Yoga You, placing yoga as not only a form of relaxation, but also as a way to inject energy into your life.

I hear that even Madonna is mad for some Ashanga yoga. She’s got some rocking calf muscles for a lady in her 50s, we know because we’ve seen her do squats in 10 inch heels, so she’s got to be all up in that scene. One day Madonna, we will be as generally awesome as you.

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Some people practice yoga religiously, so much that they glean their spiritual understanding of the world from the practice of yoga. Yoga originates in India, and although many people do view it as a spiritual undertaking, most people across the Western world view it simply as a form of healthy exercise.

Interestingly, some people who are strong followers of a faith other than Hinduism, such as Christianity or Judaism, vehemently oppose to people of their own religions taking part in the practice of yoga, believing that to do so is to operate in way that contravenes the tenets of that religion.

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Some of those people have claimed that such a person attempting to use yoga as merely a form of exercise may experience side effects that include occultic states of altered consciousness.

We have never experienced such a thing, and we’re pretty glad about that, because it sounds kind of spooky. There was that one Bikram yoga class where we started to think we could see an oasis, far into the distance, but that might have just been the pools of sweat clouding our eyes.

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