At one time or another, all of us in the IYBI studio have had a go at practicing yoga. Some of us are better at it than others. Some of us are not good at all. But after hearing about Newtown’s Yoga’scool we’re willing to have another stab at getting good at yoga.

Yoga's cool

Among offering children’s & family yoga classes, Newtown’s Yoga’scool also offer laughing yoga. Which is just as enjoyable as it sounds, & good for you too!

Run byMolly Furzer, a dedicated teacher who states she finds joy in giving to others, classes are not just offered to adults. Furzer also dedicates yoga classes for children and families as well as Meliae intuitive healing – which can even be extended to the furriest members of your family.

What has intrigued us most of all though is the offer of laughter yoga and it really is what you think it is. It has a number of health benefits and as you can imagine – makes you feel good. Having a read at some of the testimonials on the website you’ll see that Yoga’scool is a very important part of the community for many. We loved reading about how children’s yoga helped lots of little ones with their behavioural and emotional anxieties, showing that yoga is not just about physical exercise and you’re never too young to start. We love any business that’s build on passion, particularly when it strives to offer it’s existing and potential customers something different.

Head to the Yoga’scool website to view all classes on offer, read some testimonials and enrol in classes. Their Facebook and Twitter is updated regularly with news and updates.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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