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So many conversations begin over a beer. Fantastic ideas are born in bars between friends, with a schooner in hand. Most of these ideas have a short life span, remaining a foggy memory of the night before. Young Henrys was one idea that made it off the bar stools and out the pub door. And boy, are we glad it did.

Created by lovers of beer for lovers of beer, Young Henrys is here to serve the people with their Sydney brewed beers and cider that are delicious enough to wet even the most disconcerting beer drinker’s whistle.

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Created by lovers of beer for lovers of beer, Young Henrys is here to serve the people with their delicious Sydney brewed beers and cider

Young Henrys has four core brews and one cider that are available year round. But that’s not all, they also produce seasonal beers and unique brews. Many of which are made by combining their imaginative palates with a heady love of music to create special band and beer collaborations. Richard Adamson leads the team as head brewer at YH and he is well supported by an eclectic group of yeast loving legends, untied for the good and love of beer.

Only open since 2012, Young Henrys has been gathering some serious momentum with their top-notch brews being sold in at least 40 different bars and pubs around Sydney. However, we happen to think that the best place to sample one of their delicious glasses of liquid gold is at the Newtown tasting bar and cellar door.

Established in an old industrial building, the beer flows straight from the big vats of the brewery, through the closely situated taps and directly into the hands of Newtown’s thirstiest patrons. What we love most about the brewery is that much like the suburb in which it resides, YH celebrates and supports art, music, food, wonderfully interesting individuals and of course, glorious glorious beer.

So, what are you waiting for? Get off your chair, get down there and wrap both hands around a schooner of Sydney best. Cheers!

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by Katie Helps

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