Zensation Tea House

Christina and Raymond Leung know the value of tea for health and happiness. That is why they’ve established Zensation, where tea appreciation is for all five senses. Come in to find a sanctuary unlike any other, where the enjoyment of tea is combined with pleasure and relaxation.

Zensation’s beautiful ambience is evocative of a historical Chinese tea house – a place where people escape the chaos and worries of their daily grind. Here you can choose from a plethora of oriental teas. They have everything. The menu spans across exotic black teas and luscious green teas, covering oolongs, pu-erhs, herbal infusions and more. You’ll find true delights such as the bouquet tea, whose little buds bloom before your very eyes.

Zensation tea house

Serving tea is as much a pleasure as it is an exact science at Zensation Tea House, with each cup brewed perfectly and matched with some delicious yum cha

At Zensation, serving tea is as much a pleasure as it is an exact science. Each tea is brewed to perfection, with different cups used to enhance each tea’s unique flavour and aroma! And did you think yum cha was a bustling restaurant experience? We did too. This tea house however will totally transform how you like to eat your yum cha!

As it turns out, yum cha actually means “to drink tea” and it did in fact originate in tea houses. Enjoyed in a soothing environment, these sweet and savoury snacks are matched with the right tea according to their flavour.

Zensation stock one of the country’s largest variety of tea. Their wall-to-wall display will awe you. Plus, they also sell beautifully-crafted artisan tea wares, so you can have a little bit of Zensation to take away with you. Buy an authentic tea set to complete your home, or that special gift for a loved one.

For an experience steeped in tradition, that’ll feel almost as good as a reset metabolism, come to Zensation tea house. As soon as you’ve been in once, we promise you’ll be back for more…

Visit their website to browse their amazing collection of tea.

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by Natalie Satakovski

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